Forged in Africa
Made for Planet Earth

SmartCap™ was formed out of the rugged terrain of Africa. Every inch was built to withstand the twisting and jostling of off-road trails. To be watertight during torrential flash floods and dust-tight over thousands of miles driving through the bush—the African elements seeping into everything they encounter.
Everything that is, but the SmartCap.

SmartCap Cape Town is the distributor of RSI SmartCap Products in the Cape Regions of South Africa. We install and supply stainless steel modular canopies and all additional components.

Stainless Steel

Forged, not sprayed.

Forged from automotive-grade stainless steel, SmartCap™is arguably the strongest truck cap ever designed. It'll hold 150kgs (330lbs) of gear when moving down the road and a whopping 349kgs (770lbs) parked while you saw logs in a rooftop tent under the stars.

Push Button Latching Mechanism

Just the push of a button.

The design of the low profile latching mechanism seamlessly flows into the SmartCap™ door and can be opened with just the push of a button. Plus, all three doors are keyed alike for easy access and security of your cargo.

Modular Design

The world's first modular designed canopy

SmartCap™ is the world's first modular designed bakkie canopy. Its 5-piece design means assembly is easy and panel replacement is possible. If you dent the stainless steel roof, sides, front, or back, just replace the damaged section and voilà! Your SmartCap™ is as good as new.

Large Gullwing Side Doors

It's a door and so much more.

The Gullwing Door openings are around 17% taller than the average side window you'll find on a fiberglass canopy—making it real easy to access cargo or bolt in a SmartCap Component.

Positive Pressure Filtered Air Vent

Road-dust, schmo-dust.

The Positive Pressure Air Vent filters fresh air into the cap at a greater velocity than the enclosed bed is trying to suck it back in. This keeps road dust outside of the bed rather than all over your stuff.

Standard Front Slider

Easy access from the cab? Included.

We include a front slider window as a standard feature on all EVO Sport caps.

Universal Roof Rails

Mount up.

Sleekly designed into the top of the SmartCap™, our intergrated Roof Rails allow you to utilize other SmartCap Components for mounting roof-top tents, bikes, kayaks, ladders—you name it. Plus, if you already own a rack system, no problem. Their universal design allows you to mount just about anything.

3rd Rear Brake Light

Real attention grabber.

The SmartCap™ incorporates a high mounted third brake light that's a real attention grabber when slamming on the brakes to let Nana and her li'l Tater shuffle across the intersection.

SmartCap Components

Build it how you want it. (EVOc and EVOd)

SmartCap Components let you build the ultimate commercial truck. From our Drawer-Bin to the Half-Bin or Full-Bins, Load Bar Kits, Roller Racks, and more—organize your commercial truck bed exactly how you want it.

Security Screen Rear Window Mesh

Safe and secure. (EVOc)

When combined with the stainless steel doors, the Security Screen rear window stainless steel mesh adds another layer of protection for your SmartCap™ EVOc.

Hilux EVOd

Steel Side Doors

(EVOa, EVOc, EVOd and LC)

The Stainless Steel Doors are incredibly secure. Plus, the low profile latching mechanisms and heavy-duty gas struts enable you to open the door with just one finger.